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About INET

Originally launched by APUA on 1st December 2005, INET hi-speed internet service utilizes the existing telephone networks via Digital Subscriber Line Technology (DSL). APUA is the first Internet Service provider in Antigua and Barbuda to utilize DSL technology, and the result is a simple, but elegant service which offers broadband speeds over ordinary telephone lines

Why is inet Hi-Speed Internet the better choice…

    • GREATER AFFORDABILITY – the best value
    • Utilizes Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology, transmitting data via phone lines without voice interference
    • NO NEED TO REWIRE, inet utilizes your existing telephone lines
    • Although inet uses telephone lines, you are NOT CHARGED FOR LINE USAGE while surfing
    • MORE SECURE than cable or a wireless  connection
    • No need for cumbersome equipment or unsightly antennas, ALL YOU NEED IS A MODEM
    • No need to be on long installation waiting list. inet GUARANTEES 48 HOURS INSTALLATION, it is also SELF INSTALLED (plug in – connect – surf)
    • All modems have built-in firewall, offering superior protection and PARENTAL CONTROLS
    • inet offers VARIOUS MODEM OPTIONS, including wireless connectivity.

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