inet is the commercial brand of the APUA Telecommunications Business Unit. It is an umbrella brand which is further broken down into three (3) service offerings:

inet mobile
A combination of our quality broadband service and unmatched voice service and coverage.

inet mobile operates a 4G LTE Advanced network with 100% island wide data and voice coverage.

inet home
Offers robust broadband and fixed voice services. Broadband services starting at $75 for customers who already have a landline.

With inet home you can also get Data only packages for persons who do not want a voice (landline) service starting at $115 for unlimited data usage.

Inet home broadband services are available nationwide.

inet business
Offers a wide range of Data, fixed and mobile voice services. Services range from Hosted PBX services, Dedicated internet services, Fibre to business services and many, many more.

inet is also a representation of all things local in the telecoms industry for Antigua and Barbuda. The new look speaks to patriotism by incorporating the national colors. APUA inet is the only indigenous telecommunications provider on island. It is owned and operated by the people of Antigua and Barbuda. We are steadfast in being represented by nationals and local celebrities whose images speak to patriotism. Our goal is to go beyond expectations and be the hub for all your telecommunication needs.