APUA offers a large variety of PABX & Key systems aimed toward satisfying your business requirements. We provide connectivity to our network switch via analogue, digital or IP trunks.

What is the Best PBX System your Business?
Choosing what type of PBX system to use for your business can be a tedious task. APUA telecoms currently offer two PBX systems both of which will be installed and maintained on your premises.
Traditional PBX
The traditional PBX system uses the existing (or newly installed) copper wire line to transmit your calls. This means the PBX system is actually hard-wired to analog or PRI copper circuits.

Traditional PBX can be the most reliable. The traditional PBX system allows communication to take place on dedicated lines this translates into excellent voice quality.

A Traditional PBX system is suitable for small businesses with office space that already has copper wiring in place. As long as all the equipment is present, a traditional PBX can be less expensive than other PBX systems.

An IP PBX system allows calls to function using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This means that all of the information that is passed through phone communication is merged with your data communications and transmitted using Internet Protocol (IP).

As with all VoIP systems, if the Internet connection is lost, then the ability to make calls is also lost. If a reliable Internet connection cannot be maintained at your small business, the ability to make calls will not be reliable either. So, it is important to consider having some analog line circuits in place for backup in case of a WAN outage. It is for this reason why we strongly recommend having one of APUA inet’s fast and reliable copper wire based or fiber based broadband internet services. For more information on APUA inet Broadband Internet options, click here.

The convergence of data over the communication network means each call is less expensive than it would have been if it had been routed through a traditional PBX. If many calls are placed, especially if they each have a long duration, then an IP PBX is more cost effective per call, making IP PBX more suitable for larger companies.

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