DIA – Dedicated Internet Access is a service primarily offered to businesses who require faster and more reliable internet service.

As the name suggests this is service dedicated to the end user.

This type of internet service is provided over a direct fiber connection and fiber allows for much greater bandwidth providing speeds up to 1GB.

With the service being provided over a fiber connection it is more stable than any network that needs to use copper (regular landline). You will be much less prone to issues such as packet loss or jitter, which will create poor performance.

DIA service performs consistently day in and day out, and has guaranteed minimums and uptime. DIA service is sold as a rated speed, not an up to speed. Dedicated internet access is similar to having your own personalised service, responding only to your needs. This service guarantees that your internet requirements are always met.

For more information on installing a DIA for your business, please call our Corporate Sales Office.

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