What is a Centrex Exchange?
A central exchange system is a centralized phone system with features such as three-way conference calling, call transferring, caller ID and voicemail. Phone lines in a Centrex system are generally the same as regular phone lines, the exception being that special features are enterprise-wide instead of being limited to specific handsets within the company. Centrex systems are operated by phone companies as a paid service to the client company, generally at a lower cost than would be necessary to install and manage a private branch exchange or PBX.
What kind of Centrex systems does APUA offer?
APUA offers what is known as traditional Centrex system. Traditional Centrex systems run on basic phone lines much like home phone services. Phone lines lead from the client site to the phone company’s premises as opposed to an on-site central exchange. The phone company maintains switching equipment, connecting and directing calls for the client company.
Centrex is available to all customers, providing an alternative to PABX equipment at the customer premises. Customers are provided with Direct Inward and Outward dialing of local and overseas calls.

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