• Call Unit Charge – $0.15 cents per unit*
    *One call unit is equivalent to 3 minutes during peak time (6:00 am to 6:00 pm), Mondays to Fridays. During off-peak time (6:00 pm to 6:00 am), Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, one call unit is equivalent to 6 minutes.
Voice Mail
Voice Mail allows you to receive messages while you are on a call or unavailable. These messages are kept confidential. You may retrieve your messages from any Touch-Tone telephone anywhere in the world.
Fax Mail
Fax Mail permits fax store and forward functions. This feature enables users to send and receive, give, answer, voice annotate, and distribute messages. It provides for automatic and/or scheduled delivery of information via the fax machine.
Call Waiting
This helps you keep your business and social life in order. No more missing important calls. Call Waiting lets the call come through even while you are on the phone. Call Waiting gives you the option of putting the first caller on hold while you answer the second.
Three-Way Conferencing
Three-way Conferencing doubles phone use efficiency by letting you talk to two people at the same time, in any other two destinations, anywhere. To set up a Three-way Conferencing call, you must be on an existing call.
Calling Number Delivery (Caller ID)
Calling Number Delivery lets you know the number of the calling party. The incoming caller’s number is shown on the display screen between the first and second rings.
Calling Name Delivery (Caller ID)
This feature is similar to Calling Number Delivery except that it displays the name of the subscriber. Please note the following:

  • – There is no Calling Name Delivery possible on long distance calls.
  • – This feature requires a specialized phone or an add-on module. These are available from our Commercial Office at an additional charge or from other suppliers.
Subscriber Activated Call Block
Subscriber Activated Call Block allows you to control who makes outgoing long distance calls from your telephone.
Call Forwarding
This feature allows your telephone to transfer incoming calls to another telephone number of your choice. Calls can be automatically forwarded to any telephone in Antigua and Barbuda.
Speed Calling
Provides convenient, speedy, accurate access to frequently called numbers, by allowing you to program them into the memory. The short list allows you to store up to eight (8) numbers.
Automatic Recall
Automatic Recall lets you answer missed calls at your convenience.
Automatic Call Back on Busy
No longer do you have to waste time repeatedly dialling busy lines. You will be notified when the line is free.
Customer Originated Trace
If you ever get a suspicious, threatening or abusive call, hang up and Dial *57. The telephone number that called you will be recorded in our office. This information will be made available to the Police as part of an investigation. Please note the following:

  • – There is a $10.00 charge each time that this service is used and it successfully traces a call.
  • – Some long distant calls and all calls from cellular phones cannot be traced using this feature.